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forward to after handing over the reigns. >> you can bet on anything when it comes to the superbowl. so we will run down a few of the most outrageous wagers you can make. we may handicap a few when we continue. you ready? >> yeah. >> okay. at honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. an intense burning sensation i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can
a video to our sister station in boston, challenging the to a friendly bet. they sent one back. -- them to a friendly bet. they sent one back. take a look. >> great to be with you guys. here we go with another one of those bets. >> we just wanted to say hello. good luck and sunday. not really. [laughter] >> the much fun was that last year? -- how much fun was that last year? wearing those terrific jersey's there. >> remember when he missed that teeny-tiny field goal? it was a great moment in sports history. we are hungry. the ravens in, we will be delivering u.s. delicious lobster and charter fees. -- a delicious lobster and chowder feast. >> those delicious crabcakes you guys make -- may the best team win. >> good morning. greetings from baltimore. the ravens beat denver last weekend. we thought, this is a great chance to get back at new england br. >> i do not see tom brady on the cover ofsports illustrated. here is our bet. if we win, we expect lobster and corn chowder. in the unlikely situation the u.n., will send you the obligatory crab cakes -- you win, we'll send you the obligato
orleans. do not miss the live report at "news4 at 5:00." >>> speaking bets are officially coming in now for this year's super bowl. we are not actually talking about the game itself. and puppies becoming a real-life pin wheem. you got to see this one, folks. >> kane is here with what's buzzing today. >> good to see you. >> we are five days away from the super bowl. lot of folks are getting their bets on. >> right. >> some on the game and some on hair people. other things you can bet on. >> right. this astound me. you can bet on almost everything. alicia keys will be singing the national anthem. there is an over-under whether she can do it in two minutes and five seconds. you can bet on it. there's a range of things that you can actually make bets on. obviously the coaches are brothers. will they be dressing alike? that's one of the big questions on -- that you can bet on. you name it. if they are wearing hats, what color gatorade will be dump order the winning team. you can choose between the colors specifically or water altogether. who will the mvp thank first. you name it, you can mak
. >> no word on a possible bet with the baltimore mayor? >> reporter: no, not yet. no word on that yet. no word on a parade. again, i guess they are going to try to focus on like he mentioned before keeping things safe in the city first. but don't worry, we'll keep an eye on it and let everyone know when that parade or bet is planned. >> he has to do the bet before the parade and then win the game. cate caugiran live in san francisco, thank you. >>> having the niners in the big game is likely to provide a boost to san francisco in terms of psychology and economics. when a team is contending for a championship, a city's confidence in itself goes up naturally and one estimate says being a super bowl contender can add $10 to residents' annual -- $120 to residents's annual income. >> it's absolutely good for the economy. there is a relationship between mood and spending and when people do feel good, they spend more. >> reporter: and they feel good right now? >> very good, very excited right now. >> a 9er win would bring positive attention to the city
there handing out to the press. how the like that? >> i bet a lot of folks around here like that. that's a good omen. >> we are officially jealous of the. the purple flag over baltimore's inner harbor. thousands showed up 2 cent of the team. we'll have a full report on what happened in just a few minutes. >> switching gears, younger woman is a murder leading to fear in maryland and the district. >> an arrest is made in a case every parent needs to see. >> a new bombshell in the john they ran as the investigation. why the little girl's parents are in the center. >> a horrifying a fire killed hundreds in brazil. the fast act >> we are learning more about a terrific fire in brazil that killed over 200 people. two members of a band who are on stage were detained. >> the investigation comes as families mourn their young ones. >> trapped and desperate -- hundreds of young people died while trying to outrun a fast- moving fire at a brazilian nightclub. as the nation mourns their death, the nation has heartbreaking task of identifying their body. this brazilian reporter with a lo
of seattle made a bet -- d.c. mayor vincent gray and the mayor of seattle made a bet on football. >> and now there's been another bet. both men are offering a gift baskets of coffee. constantine is offering seattle's best, starbucks. rushern baker is offering 8:00 bean coffee which is made in landover. they're planning to where the winning team's jersey during mentoring and volunteering events as well? . >> redskins fans are finding creative ways to get their hands on coveted playoff tickets. >> autria godfrey tells about a deal from a travel agent. >> what would you do to get your hands on the hottest tickets around? >> i would name my firstborn after redskins. >> i would shave my head. >> i don't know. >> the people want to see the seahawks sidelined. a chance to soak up the sights and sounds at fedex field sunday as people getting creative with what they will trade for deposit. how about a weeklong stay at a tropical resort? one travel it is willing to trade a seven-night stay at a resort in the bahamas for two tickets to sunday's game. even trade and a year to take the trips. >> i would
and cups for 3 bucks. >>> only they are not betting money but they are wagering food. mikulski and cardin bet crab cakes burger cookies and heavy beers. and california senators boxer and feinstein are betting crab and napa valley wine sourdough bread and a a selection of northern california cheeses. >>> and while we cheer on the ravens in new orleans we are working to help people. abc2 is helping to rebuild homes for families displaced by hurricane katrina. there are visible signs in you or liens hasn't petely -- completely recovered from the storm but we need with the rebuilding process to make it happen. >> the ravens nation is invited to volunteer on st. bernard projects rebuild sites and we encourage everyone to come and show support while you are here to root for the ravens. >> so if you are going down to the superbowl or know someone who is find the details on and you can also donate to the project. >>> five things to know. a texas woman convicted of a robbery and neighbor of her name is said to be executed today. she faces lethal ininvestigation to be the first execute
in america in lost a bet. they will exchange customary .ood baskets the telephone about it would contain up a valley wine, and chocolates. we have learned of a second bet senator barbara mikulski and ben cardin and senator barbaraboxer than -- and dianne feinstein. >> we look forward to receiving that wine. abc 74re to stay with full count ridge of the super bowl. newave several crews in orleans. >> look for live reports the next here is your chance to appear on by recording a greeting for "good morning washington." >> a video, 10-15 seconds. or you can send a link to a youtube clip. these are the videos we show every morning. just make sure you end it i , good morning, washington. thatam caskey always has good morning cheer. >> the more energy, the better. have the kids saying good morning washington! we do have one sprinkle to talk .bout you and not much moisture associated one littleas early this morning. rising temperatures today. already this morning, a big temperature range. , 39.rick come a 36. , 36. thersburg 56 now in charlottesville. a cold wedge through the metro area. h
keep on plunging. a live report, coming up. >> a young man who bet on himself and 1. we will about that, straight ahead in sports. >> insta-weather plus, straight ahead. 19 at dwi marshall. 23 at the inner harbor. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. with rod daniels and donna forecast withre tom tasselmyer, 11 sports with gerry san >> how about taking a frigid plunge for good cause? that is what thousands are doing in anne arundel kathy. >> it is for a good cause. its been since the state special olympics program. last year they raised $2 million. this year they hope to do even better. rob roblin is there live. robbie, you have talked to all those guys? >> you are absolutely right. we all know him at wbal. 10 years ago, he and greg shipley and a few other people started as. he has been fighting cancer. but he has been doing great. doing great. how are you doing? >> gray. >> if you cannot plunge this year, but they are plunging for you. the are not just plunging every hour. they are going twice. >> three times every hour. >> jimmy
. they placed a friendly bet with lawmakers from california and it involved food. mikulski and cardin are betting crab cakes and beer and barbara boxer and diane feinstein is betting cheeses and senators from each state will have to pay up if the team loses. wonder how the cheese will taste. >>> stephanie rawlings-blake said at the pep rally she is still waiting for colorado's mayor -- denver's may to pay up on his bet. >> he has not agreed to do the ray lewis dance. he has a bad back. >> and ray lewis played with his injuries this guy could cans like him. the story on the road yesterday was ice and now it's patchy fog. >> at least it's not dense fog. we have about 5 miles of reduced visibility in baltimore this more. 4 in frederick and 6 in hagerstown. heading up along i-83 to york, you will encounter fog. 3 miles of reduced visibility and 7 in easton along the eastern shore this morning. so take it easy once again. it's not going to be a great day to get out there and travel on the roadways. satellite and radar, picking up on showers and thunderstorms back off towards the west that
. mayor vincent gray lost the bet on the skins and seahawks game. the losing city had to fly the winning city's flag for one day. it will be up until 5:00 tonight. now, red skin's quarterback robert griffin iii has a long recovery ahead of him. yesterday doctors repaired ligaments to griffin's right knee. his new challenge is to be ready for next season. check in with the sports junkies. 106.7 the fan. good to see you again. >> by the way, wisdom. why weren't you in studio when eb had to payoff his bet? instead of this wimpy bet where you are talking about a flag. flew it over seattle and smacked a part. >> i missed all that. >> that's a real bet. >> he actually took his pants off. >> definitely did. >> can't do that here on fox 5. >> no. can't do that here on fox 5. no, no, no. this is a family program. people are still getting ready to go to work. let's talk about rgiii and that knee. we heard the speculation and all the talk. what do you guys think about whether he'll be ready for next year or not? >> i'm optimistic. you see guys get back on the field in one season. wes welcker did it
. >> i'll fight raj for it. thank you, jim. okay, there's a new super bowl bet that ensures someone is going to be crabby after the game. dianne feinstein and boxer have waged a -- senators will send along crab, napa wine and northern california cheeses if the niners lose. maryland senators would be on the hook for crab cakes, cookies and beer if the niners win. >> okay. this is from the we're not surprised department, apparently the number 7 jersey isn't just lucky for the 49ers, it's creating some big wins. a website reports colin kaepernick's jersey has been the best-selling thankful envelope jersey nationwide, not just here in northern california but nationwide in the past two weeks. those super bowl ads already appearing on your computer, or anything else you're on. why companies aren't waiting until sunday to show their high-priced commercials n. about ten minutes our business and tech reporter scott budman breaks down the logic behind revealing those ads early online. we are your best source for 49ers coverage. we have more journalists on the ground in new orlean
but the mayor is out to prove they are not sore losers. he made a bet with mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and made good on it. take a look ♪ [ music ] >> good look ray-ray. >> denver mayor hancock did the dance per the bet. it would have been done soon are but he was sidelined by a injury and watch how he dances he probably threw out a back or a spleen or something. >> now most of us don't's not easy to do. it done look -- doesn't look good but he did a great yob. >> -- job. >> love it. >> i like the newspaper. >> i like people staring at him. >> we are going to new york now. >> go ravens.
mikulski and ben cardin are betting beer and cookies and crab cakes and barbara boxer and kaian feinstein are betting on sourdough bread and california cheeses and napa valley wine. >>> forget the ravens logo or another picture of ray lewis on your t-shirt. we love this. check it out. it's pretty funny. the latest attire to the superbowl party. you are thinking about buying this. >> this comes from busted tees full hours versus the wire. the sitcom was filmed in san francisco home of the 49ers who they are cheesy by their right. the drama the wire was filmed here in baltimore home to yes, the ravens. and you can see the iconic homes feature on each side of the shirt. this is on my facebook page this morning. let us know what you think about the shirt and do you have a better slogan as we square off now against san francisco and baltimore. >> there's got to be a lot of good ones so we would love to hear it. later on, we will have to get a forecast for new orleans but let's talk about today because fog is really going to be an issue. >> it is. and it's going to continue through the morning
, there's food at steak. the may yors both have bets on the line. they arebetting crab cakes and beer. inreturn, some senators are betting wine and lobster. senators from each state will have to pay up if their team loses. >> we're working for you. injust 18 minutes find out how to throw a superbowl party without breaking the bank. >> tonight, all new on 2, a baptist minister in cecil county has clouzed -- closed his church for good after a series of crimes targeting the house of god. >> this one left with us is the baby girl. >> this family that has prayed together has stayed together at first mount caramel baptist church. less and wanda were married here and less served as the a- pastor much as his father before him. >> all of those years he never took a dime for doing the work here and i guess that was instilled in me. i've workwithed here for 14 years and never let them give me anything but now he's taken all that he can stand. >> they took a brick from over there and threw it through the window. >> saturday morning police notified the pastor that someone had vandalized th
getting ready to settle his bet. he agreed to a bet with seattle. the flag had to be flown by the winning city. tomorrow morning, it will be raised above the wilson building. >>> we are getting a look at the big stars performing at the inauguration plus how to vote on the future of monopoly. >> reporter: first tonight brian, why you favorite monopoly piece may soon be history. they are asking facebook friends to vote on your favorite game piece the one with fewest votes will be sent to jail forever. it will be replaced with a cat, diamond ring, guitar, helicopter or toy robot on february 6th. >>> facebook is up to something. it announced invites to an event january 19th, insiders are speculating they may introduce their own smart phone or operating simms. >>> you will have to wait 8 days longer to file taxes this year thanks to the last minute fiscal cliff vote in conference. 120 million tax payers will be eligible to file on the 30th of the month. including those claiming for tuition, fees and educator expenses. >>> we are learning more about the presidential inauguration it will take pl
fails. bet your house on it. >> hit my music! [ laughter ] . >>> the days of wisdom martin being a redskins hater, long gone. that's all the time we have for tonight's show. thanks for letting us be a part of our weekend. hope to see you tomorrow, 3:30 on fox 5, stay there all day. good night. 
showed you the engagement proposal yesterday. >> we'll show you a lot of stuffy bet. >>> ahead on news4 today, lawmakers trying to separate fact from fiction in a new movie about the raid on osama bin laden. >>> plus a new images from the rover that is raising the question, is there life on mars? >>> a cold start to the morning. it will feel colder in the next couple of hours. what oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. >>> this morning we're getting a look at new pictures of mars from nasa's curiosity rover. this photograph was taken on december 19th. now, two artists pieced the black and white images together and added color to show what it might look like if you were standing on mars. another picture is generating some buzz online. this picture focuses in on a bright crumpled object on t
was stolen. there he is from washington. >> his father lost a bet when the lakers were playing a bet. he to name his son isaiah thomas. >> tiger couldn't stand in the bunker. he was outside the bunker. watch him cozy up. >> old school tiger. >> it did, right. then the new school tiger kind of crept in at the end. you had two bogeys and a double bogey. the old cool tiger was so good that even with the terrible finish, he is four better than anybody else in the field. some say it wasn't a dominant fin,. others take it as he is back. 75th win on tour. this to me is his make or break major year. what i mean by that, 75 wins is awesome. that is great. he is not measured by winning at this tournament. he is measured by winning at augusta, the u.s. open, the british open and those sorts of things. that is the measure of whether he is truly back. >> maybe that is the turning point in his career. >> guess who else is back? sarah simmons. that is the end of the morning line. >> all right, guys. thank you. >>> coming up being remembering the front man of a popular '70s funk band known as sugar foot
. that's a nice bet . >> that is a nice bet. >> that's a big commitment for a week. >> i guess they just take their stuff out and put it aside. >> i want to mention we had gore de vol on earlier. there's a dvd documentary out about his career. i've not seen it yet. supposed to be funny . every other day is halloween available online now i guess. >> all right. winds continue out there. temperatures a lot colder overnight. we were 70 yesterday and the day before. today we'll be lucky to get into the upper 40. >> look at the wind how it's affecting the camera. >> the wind continues to howl out there. even with the bright sunshine doesn't feel terribly warm. wind advisory. let me mention that again. continues until 6:00. the winds are gusting at times. 45 maybe 50 miles per hour. and that's enough to cause local power outages. with the heavy rain we had last night. so just be ready for those windy conditions. noticeably colder. when i got in it was 60. and temperatures falling a good 15 degrees. 46 in leonard town. 30s to the north and to the west. 36 in winchester. 37 in hagerstown. the chi
you didn't say. okay we're even on that one. we can't bet on this. >> no. we're both winners. if "lincoln" wins keith looses. >> now, let's go on to best actress. >> jessica chastain for "zero dark thirty" and helen mirren for "hitchcock." naomi watts for the "the impossible" and rachel wise for "the deep blue sea." >> i'm going with helen mirren. >> i'm going with naomi watts. >> why? >> because i want to be different than you. and you -- >> have you seep the movie? >> but you took my answer, helen mirren. >> that was your answer, too? we're thinking alike these days. all right. we'll come up with something we'll bet. let's go to best actor. daniel day lewis in "lincoln." next on the list? >> we've got richard gear in "arbi. the -- arbitroj." and denzel washington i like him but i'm going with daniel day lewis and all the critics say he's going to win. >> i think so, too. he spent so much time looking like lincoln. he looks so much like him you can't not give him the award. >> i hear he's terrific. >> i've only seen lincoln on money and old pictures but that's what i imagine
uarterbackk..bruce cunninghamm 3 unnimikted. 3 and boston better &ppe ready toopay up. the bet between them and mayor rawling blake over sunday's game. 3 this is a retty good time to be joe's his birthday today...he'' 28...hees abbut to comeinto a very large new contract...and now... 33 but i'll bet you didn't know playyff gamee,,dating back to championship...flacco as thrown for919 yards...7 touchdowns and one interception...big numbers, to -3 be sure...the kind of nuubers that haae your ttammates -&ppalllingbehind you.... 3 across ttwn... 3 after leading the orioles tt their first posttseason appearance in 15 years...tteir about to be rewarded.. reearred.. 3 the orioles hhve wanted to foo buck uring ffnfest on patuuday...and now they can.. -3& the birds mannggr, aad hs both ggnna be artounda few pearr longerr.... both have received contract eeteesions & thaa rrn thru the 2018 season.. showalter, who won the sporting news manager of thee yearraward, waa headinginno &phis final contractural 3 the terps take on nc state... pighlights coming p a
how it goes. >> i think it was a very aggressive obama speech. >> he's making a bet that america's turning a corner. if we could show, if i could ask our great folks in the control room, to show the wide shot again. the white house. you see across the river. as the sun sets there. i remember standing in that park on 9/11 and watching the smoke. you see the top right of your screen. i remember we were evacuated from the white house on 9/11 and watching the smoke come up from the pentagon in what would be the top right of your screen there. the president in his speech today talked about the war is over. a decade of war is ending. >> yes. >> he is making a bet that america cannot retreat from the world but, heck, can have a different engagement with the world. that both changes foreign policy but it also potentially frees up resources in domestic policy. >> he can use that as a springboard to say now that we have the opportunity, we must seize the moment. he's got this whole -- his wife now is getting very involved in the politics of this. she's going to be very involved in this. wo
bet to make. i can almost guarantee t all right. nischelle turner. thanks very much. good talking with you. enjoy the evening. >> sure. >>> there was no lone gunman. we have heard that claim before about the assassination of jfk. for the first time, confirmation what his brother, bobby, thought so too. that story ahead. >>> you know the flu can be deadly but there is a surge in another virus that can kill and it targets infants. if you're a parent, you can't afford to miss that segment. >>> then we have got some apps to help you find out where the flu is in your neighborhood. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. check for more! well, i guess i can double check... my watch! [ male announcer ] it pays to double check, with state farm. we don't let frequent heartburn come between
jersey governor chris christie. >> america question serves bet -- deserves better than just another example of a government who's forgotten who are there to serve and why. 66 days and counting. shame on congress. >> sandy killed at least 113 people in the united states. and left millions without power after pounding parts of the east coast in late october. new york and new jersey. they were hit hardest with the estimated storm damage in new york alone at almost $42 billion. people there still haven't gotten back inside their homes. >> as we were saying the congress will be sworn in today and a new speaker will be chosen on capitol hill and this is going to be
looks very cold. temperatures are in the teens. >> i bet you are all freaking out more than i am. [laughter] >> that is all for 11 news tonight. >> >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "american idol," ryan seacrest, randy jackson and keith urban, standup comedian anthony jeselnik, and the music of for king and country. [ cheers and applause ] and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac
for a beautiful day, just completely blue sky and there goes to sun. it will be back tomorrow, i bet you. it better be or we'll be in trouble. tomorrow the sun will set at 5:00 the last time the sunset was that late was on the 8th day of november. we're going to gain 38 minutes of daylight from now until january. so daylight hours getting longer. 38 was the high this afternoon. 43 is the average. across the area 28 in frostburg. 32 in silver springs. in the low 30's across the area. the temperature map shows the cold stuff to the north that that is up to northern england and up to the canadian arctic. so the cold air is feeling off that way. what is coming in place is the moderation. these are cold, cold numbers but over the next five six, seven days we're going to see a warm-up that will spread to the east in our direction. we'll hit about 50 next week. a little disturbance coming through tomorrow morning. i think it will just give us the gusty winds and the sunshine will be around for the duration of the day. sunny and cold through the midday because
a good time. speaking of food, we learned of maryland senators have wagered a bet with california's senators and the maryland contingency are offering crab cake, baltimore beer, and cookies. that is if the raven's lose. california law makers are going to give away napa wine, sourdough bread, and a combination of cheeses is the 49ers come up short. >> i do not know which one is better. >> why the retailer is going back. >> are great and the takeover red light cameras. -- the great debate o we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >> this is abc 7 news at 11. >> we are learning more about a disturbing discovery. police say they found a victim of foul play. the family was in shock and employees say they are going to be on guard. >> the victim was found in an auto shop. steven is alive. >> this is a busy sector. many people are still working tonight. some of them are concerned, many of them expressing concern after the own
bet with his t in washington. coffeebeen called the that. if the redskins win on sunday, will send baker a basket containing seattle's and starbucks coffee. if the seahawks win, baker will our coffee toof washington state. that coffee made in landover. a pet goat ise, ack home tonight after having adventure. man wasurgh area earlier in the , when he was bumped by the goat from behind. , namedook the goat in -- name him milton, and tried to find his owner. the owner came forward today. if he had not, he had [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked ead. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin on this deli style deliciousity -- add your favorite ingredients, like spicy jalapeÑos or crisp green peppers. get to your local subway and taste some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh. -- folks can rest well this weekend. >> outside, our temperatures ar
to roddy white. interference, you bet it was. ball game, over and out. the 49ers go to the superbowl. >> it does validate our team and -- we said at the start therare are three superbowls to win and now we have another in two weeks. >> we have the right guy to lead us and now -- we're going to go and - -- we have one more and see what we do. >> jack will be in the stands. with the 49ers advancing two players will not go to the pro bowl. london fletcher and ryan kerrigan are going to hawaii. >> this is as good as it gets. a family feud. >> i saw the pictures in federal hill. they are partying. >> out there >> which dress with michelle obama choose? thsoe close to the process say what started with 20 designers areee down to two. the gowns are shuttled from new york to dc and because the designers don't have direct access, they have manequins made in their studio. a single appearance by a first lady in a designer's clothes >> a photo of the celebrations in baltimore. federal hill many were out celebrating the ravens were superbowl bound. did you know if we'd had the inaguration outside
... the latest innormation...// released... from the ....peettgonn ....pentagon. 3 your bets... // and.... fire off... a... few roundd....// that's... the ideaa.. behind... a... potential gun range casino... in... las vegas yes...///inside.... the... palazzo...//. it's... an idee... frrm... gun beeetta....//they... store... aadda shooting raage...//.it's... all beinggpresented... to county commissioners... next week. 27-32"i don't want to go to a casino where people re daughter. that's not a very ggod idda." idea."101-116"ttere's a llt of &pptuff to do here in vegas. bu difffrent ((un shoottng)." shooting)." county commissioners... will. looo... at... all... safety standardds... beretta... plans to imppement. earlier we old you about planssfor legislation in annapolis... inn.. response... to a maryland ourt ruling ...that identified pit bulls... as... inheeently dangerous dogs. our quustion of the day we''e asking if that legislation shoull avoid singling out pit bulls. bulls. miihael writes on ourr facebook page..."any dog caa dangerous."and
coached by coach harbor on -- harbaugh's brother jim. pete.begin with i'd bet things are feeling a whole lot warmer up there now. >> it is not that cold. a year ago i was watching them come off of this field. they looked bang like they just lost a puppy dog. they were very sad. ray lewis said that we will get back here. they did. they made sure that things were different. in the locker room at halftime they were getting the same feelings from a year ago where it might be slipping away trailing 13-7. at that point, they rallied. joe flacco, absolutely unbelievable in the second half where he threw three touchdown passes. he has not thrown it interception since the loss to denver. that was the one where he was left lying on the field for 15 seconds. that was one of the lowest points in the season. it has been an incredible ride. they will now go on the rise -- on the road to new orleans for the harbaugh bowl. >> the fans are so fired up. they have a celebration they are getting too. they are so excited to party into the night and celebrate the fact the ravens are going to the super bowl. w
. that is because he has agreed to a bet with the mayor of seattle. the mayor of the losing city must fly the victor's flag at city hall. both men talked about the bet last night with brian bolter on the news at 11:00. >> from my perspective, it is a way of us being able it once again communicate that this is a city that is taxed without representation so if we are fortunate enough to be able to win the flag that seattle will fly will say no taxation without representation. >> it is nice to be able to stand up for d.c. citizens an help them way political cause. it will be awful nice to see that seattle flag flying in d.c. >> friendery wager there. we are just beginning with our coverage of the skins-seahawks match. you. and honor for their other rookie sensation and the latest on rg iii's recovery from the knee injury, coming up. >> also ahead, we have some more football news for the people up in baltimore. this one is going to lit close to home. a football legend says he is ready to hang up his helmet. more on who has an announcement that he is going to retire. >> later serious words from victims o
at baltimore's mayor won a bet. the mayor delivered some of the food she had won to needy families. >> nothing like a good win, especially when you that the mayor and he comes through on what he says he will send. >> last friday, they deliver live lobsters and other seafood to the center. for residents, this is a nice treat. >> the family should get their own food, but this helps them and have food store and extra for kids. >> you have to love the ravens. >> it is really nice. >> thank you. >> it is nice to win the bet and be part of this. >> all kinds of treats from boston's mayor. >> we have handcrafted and homemade pasta. >> what about the bed with the the mayor of denver? he still owes her a religious dance. >> i hope he is well enough to do it, i told his staff i don't have any sympathy for him as i had to do the walk of shame in that horrible video when we lost. he doubted that stuff you're not willing to pay, hopefully he will feel better soon. he was walking around pretty well during inauguration. >> payout, mayor of denver. here's a look at what is coming due at 6:00. >> at the superd
at red skin's park. the mayor's bet and how the home team fans are showing off their support. >> but first, family history project that became a must read word of mouth hit. the author of german girl joins us with her amazing story of survival. it's 9 minutes after 9:00. we'll be right back.  >>> vivian was just a little girl when the nazis achieved full power. though she wasn't jewish, her father was. she and some of her loved ones survived the war and determination to exterminate the jews. now, she has recently decided to write down that story of what happened during the war years and afterwards. started as a project just to keep family history arrive and other people started reading and praising it and her share of loss and tragedy. the story has been read time and time again now. but also shines a light on love, survival and the bravery of those who fight. vivian joins us now. this is the book right here. started out as a labor of love for family members. >> indeed. i started to write it longhand. there's too much to tell. and i wanted my family to kn
at 5:00 a.m. and for the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. the mayor of denver paid up on his bet did so with some flair . watch this. >> ♪ so hot here so hot oh! ♪ >> it was late but you can never say he is not a good sport. he has some good rhythm going on. he put his own stamp on the squirrel dance. he sent a box of rabbi stakes to mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. >> that was awesome. >> i am impressed. >> 6:09. the could be some deals if you're looking to escape the winter weather. >> maybe twinkies are forever. they could be close to come back. back. >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. there is an accident in the d.c. area of the capital beltway at 50. there are closures on the inner and outer loops and quite a backup forming. on 50 or 95, leaves some extra time. 55 on the west side of the baltimore beltway. the inner and outer loops are moving just fine. story at harford road -- same- store in harford road. -- same story at harford road. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> i see a lot of sandwiches.
year for you guys besides the ravens and the orioles. i bet this is a banner year for your store. >> it is. we have been very blessed. >> you are so superstitious about your superstitions wount say them out loud. >> correct. >> but i know them. >> you are doing them all today. >> tell me what you have the people are loving this. >> this week it's all about getting geared up and showing your purple pride. we have always done -- we made the purple flamingo famous. >> that came from you guys? >> yes. >> we have the flags. we do a whole lot of beads this week. everybody gets that. they have the tattoos and all that. >> i had that on earlier today. >> you can get all decorated with that. we have everything, you name it. >> what has this week been like for you? >> it is crazy. i was away hoichzing to stay married. i left my wife with three stores to run but she did a great job. it has been nonstop. we start early in the morning until late at night. oo our still married? >> yes. >> this afternoon you are open now. you opened this morning. >> yes. >> you always open sunday mornings? >> 7
"bring on brady." we challenged our sister station to a friendly bet. >> take a look. >> good morning. great to be with you guys. here we go with another one of those dbets. >> which is wanted to say hello and good luck on sunday -- we just wanted to say hello and good luck. >> that was fun of last year with you guys eating those wder and wearing the jersey. >> cundiff missed the field goal. it was a great game. we will be delivering you a delicious lobster if the ravens win. it should be warm. >> when the patriots win, we look for to those crab cake you guys make in baltimore. and you eat a little crow. >> may best team whein. >> we cannot wait to read that. we will be eating the lobstah. there you go. we sent a video of up to boston explaining our end of the bargain. >> get loose when we make these bets. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. where will you be watching the ravens-patriots afc championship game this sunday? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> they are good sports up
? >> reporter: well, he has a lot of plans but first i had to ask him what was the latest with the bet between himself and the mayor of baltimore. here's what he said. >> we haven't gotten all the details but mayor of baltimore is a real bright lady. i really like her. stephanie rawlings blake. and we know we both have crab. she has the blue crab and i have the dungeness crab here so we already have part of the bet. the loser has to fly to the winning city put on the bib and go down to their favorite place and crack the crab in front of all the cameras. >> reporter: while the super bowl is getting all the attention, for mayor lee it's just the start. >> it is i think going to be a great kickoff but i still think there's more to come. >> reporter: it could be one of the biggest sport years in the city's history leading off with the baseball world classic at at&t park. >> that's just right on the heels of winning the world series. and then before your head can turn around we have 55 days of sailing on our bay with the louis vuitton cup happening the
're welcome. >> happy new year, christine. >> you too, joe. >> you bet. >>> the senate missed the fiscal cliff deadline and we don't know what's going to happen in the house. how are americans viewing the stalemate in washington? alison kosik, with the clock running it's appropriate she's at a new york diner, tick tock. how is it looking over there, alison? >> reporter: you took the words right out of my mouth, joe, we are at the tick tock diner, we appro po because the clock has been ticking on congress to make the decision and this is a great diner, not only people from new york are here but people across the world are here. i ran into fazad from l.a. happy new year. >> thank you, happy new year. >> reporter: you're frustrated how lawmakers handled this. >> right, i think delaying it isn't a solution and a solution is someone has to give up something at some point and the politics right now sore heavy handed that i don't feel like in two months we'll come away with something people will be happy with. like me i'm a teacher in l.a. and politicians should be working for, they're so far removed
in my garage and peeked around the side of the bikes and there he was. he surprised me. >> you can bet it did. officers say three of the four people arrested are juveniles. police say the suspect stole electronics and jewelry from the house. >>> new at 11:00, a burglar has stolen a golden box estimated to be worth $800,000. this is the museum's second burglary in two months. police say someone broke in early monday morning, and that person stole the box along with a chunk of quartz from the gold rush area. in mid-november someone stole gold nuggets and other items. they made no arrest in either case. >>> elective surgeries are postponed until tomorrow evening as it recovers from a water emergency. officials issued a code dry at the medical center at its merit pavilion campus. water was restored after 5:00 p.m. but for more than four hours, surgeries were canceled and no one could use sinks or flushed toilets. it affects all aspects of the hospital except for urgent patient care issues. the hospital blames it on a utility failure, but they would not elaborate. >>> governor jerry brown s
was that the 9ers are going to do it. >> zoo workers told me they have a bet with the maryland zoo should the 49ers win the maryland zoo will rename its ravens exhibit to the 49ers and if the ravens win, san francisco zoo will rename its boone exhibit for a month. the zoo is doing something special on super bowl sunday. parents, if you bring your kids 14 and younger to the zoo and they are wearing 49ers gear they get in for free. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> everyone's getting in the spirit. thank you, cate. >>> meanwhile, new orleans and san francisco very different cities yes but in some ways very similar, as well. michelle griego found out many in san francisco say they owe san francisco for how the city looks today. >> reporter: when people around the world think of the vieux carre they think of scenes like this but it almost looks like this. >> we're not talking about a highway. we're talking about an act of barbarism. >> reporter: it would stand 40 feet tall and six lanes wide 3.5 miles of it running between the mississippi riv
are not betting against a further rally, a strong rally now that we had this fiscal deal. the indicators at the moment are for a flatter open for u.s. indices. >> steve sedgwick, thank you very much. >>> with so much time an energy devoted to the fiscal cliff, there were other big issues on capitol hill that got put off until the new congress arrives tomorrow. that includes a bill to help those effected by superstorm sandy. a package was passed last week by the senate, now lawmaker also have to start the process from scratch because legislation does not carry over from the last congress to this new one. for those hit hardest by the storm, the frustration was bipartisan. >> this congress is apparently leaving town without responding to that emergency. there's not one of us, not one of us in this congress that could not be in the same position. and i'm deeply disappointed, mr. speaker. and the people who have been damaged by sandy, including governor christie, a republican, and governor cuomo, a democrat, should be deeply disappointed and, yes, angry. >> we have a moral obligation to hold
can take the bet on jack lew to a takeover for timothy geithner error. known as a tough negotiator. held the soleilda solis is step. no word on who will replace her. as for jack lew, he will not have a tough time getting through the confirmation process if he does get the nod from the president. he is getting some grief about his signature. that is it. this will be on dollar bills if he becomes the new secretary of treasury. tim geithner ended up working on his signature because a lot of people will see it. >> so lew has to tone down the loops. here come the jokes. hallie jackson, thank you. >> i like a loopy signature. 5:37. some kids spend a lot of time in front of the tv and computer. don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think was the best motion picture of 2012? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> northbound 83 is still closed up to the belfast exit. >> welcome back to 11 news today. 5:40. 48 degrees downtown. we have a few clouds in place o
, then we plan your day for example you can stay home a little bit longer, that's the best bet, as we go in to the afternoon, things will switch to rain showers, the high temperature in at 38 degrees. >> reporter: we are here live at inner harbor, we are actually seeing a mix ofture and sleet and snow coming down here around us here. we are here, getting ready for the ravens rally, a number of fans have started to gather out here this morning, they are ready to cheer on the ravens before they head to the super bowl and board the the airplane, a number of fans are bundled up, braving the weather. they have their chairs and are ready. they are not going to let sleet and snow stop them. this morning, we have tina joibing us live. you are from western maryland, you and your family, children, 2:30 this morning. tell us about why you are out here so early. >> you got to be here early to see what you want to see. >> we are dedicated fans and do what we got to do to make our kids happy. >> look at the weather. you have been here since 2:00 a.m. >> we might have to stay in baltimore another nigh
's certainly not good news. >> no, no. i bet college kids are like, look, enough is enough. >> right. >> ashley morrison is here in new york. have a good weekend, take care. >>> up next, your weather and in sports, would that be enough to beat the heat. >> announcer: "moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil wash with odor block. the confident clean. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. in some cities around the country. morning rain in chicago, 55 degrees. mostly sunny and breezy in dallas, 72, and mostly sunny in l.a. 57 degrees. >>> let's check your national forecast. a huge storm and blizzard conditions from the intermountain west to the northern plains. that same storm system will bring heavy rain from st.
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, hold on to your wallets. gas prices on the way back up and i'll bet you never thought you would find a ravens fan on redskins turf. the line fan we found rock -- the lone fan. >> and let's go, ravens, i'll jump on that bandwag on, too and we had some freezeing rain. the good news, the temperatures won't dip below freezing and we have an up-and-down forecast. what are you working on? >> the caps finally notched that first win of the season and we'll hear from the head coach before they hit the road and we also heard from the ravens prior to their trip down south. south. . >> we got two tickets topiary dice. >> and adgreen has the chops. sendoff from baltimore earlier today. more sights and sounds straight ahead on the sports edge.  >>> the army corps of engineers back on the side of a d.c. world war 1 mew nichian sites. investigators have demolished a home in the neighborhood where evidence was found and lives to in the surrounding soil and th work isk pentd to the take three -- expected to take three week. >>> the latest survey shows the price of a gallon of regular unleaded ro
. but derek says don't bet on there being even a barns and noble in ten years. that's bleak. >> it is bleak. and i am a book lover from way back. but for most of us at least, convenience trumps love. here's what i'm talking about. i loved going to record stores, and it's not like i ever actually decided to stop heading out to power records or circuit city. i just looked up one day and i was ordering most of my cd's online and downloading then digitally and then tower and most of the music stores were history. think about it. did you consciously decide to abandon your beloved blockbuster or did netflix or on demand make it too easy to get your movies at home. that's what barnes & nobles are up against. sure, people love bookstores but most will be seduced by the convenience of the ebook, as in i've got 40 or 50 books on this iphone. why would i ever buy print again. the still only 3% of the market on vinyl records, but somebody's making money on them. just not the big box tower and records, barnes & noble sort of money. books are for everyone but having the actual time and energy to go somew
like to do the one thing i wouldn't do is work in the garden because we will go betting way below freezing again but this is a little mini spring fever break here. how is that? >> it's a nice tease. >> it is. a little teaser there. little spring preview. mid-january. >> right. >>> the players still practicing at home before they head off to denver tomorrow. the ravens staff had first planned to head out west earlier in the week to give players the time to adjust to the altitude but now they will fly out a day in advance. the good news according to the team's injury report every player practiced today with just one exception. >>> ravens fans are considered among the best supporters in the league. now a local barbershop wants fans to show their support right here in their haira. we have that story. >> reporter: if you are going to the butcher hills section of canton you will see floyd's barbershop. they have a barber pole, lots of mirrors and chairs but one glance around and you will notice. >> we are a rock and roll barbershop. >> reporter: you don't say. you can't help but not
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